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Author Amy Andrews Talks About Her Musical Inspiration for ASK ME NICELY

 Ever wonder what music has inspired your favorite stories? MUSICAL INSPIRATION FOR ASK ME NICELY As I grappled with the mood, tone and logistics of the opening smexy scenes of Ask Me Nicely, one of the things I didn’t grapple with was the down and dirty soundtrack running through my head. Firstly as Sal, egged on by too much tequila, makes a pass at Doyle, the one man in the world she really, really shouldn’t (she’s his boss for god’s sake!) this sexy Chris Isaak song came to mind – Baby did do a bad, bad thing! And then as…

New Release Review and Giveaway! ASK ME NICELY by Amy Andrews

A follow-up to NO MORE MR. NICE GUY, which I reviewed here–ASK ME NICELY will be released tomorrow! She craves what only he can give her. But he’s not giving in without a fight…   Veterinarian Sal Kennedy’s lost her mojo and is desperate to get it back. In fact, as the anniversary of the tragedy that destroyed her life looms large, she’ll do anything to erase the painful memories, including overdoing the tequila and making a pass at the most annoyingly inappropriate man on the planet. Fellow veterinarian Doyle Jackson is her flatmate and her employee and therefore strictly…

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