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Book Blitz with Giveaways! ATHENA’S ASHES by Jamie Grey

Not one, but TWO giveaways! Athena’s Ashes by Jamie Grey (Star Thief Chronicles #2) Publication date: August 26th 2014 Genres: New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction Synopsis: It’s Renna’s biggest job yet – convincing MYTH leadership that she’s put away her lock picks and is ready to save the galaxy, despite the dangerous implant in her brain. But with the Athena on the run, she’s working solo and facing her most ruthless enemy, the traitor Pallas, who’ll go to any lengths to destroy the MYTH organization. Including framing Renna for a devastating assault on MYTH HQ that leaves their defenses crippled and hundreds dead. Now that MYTH believes she’s a dangerous double-agent, Renna escapes their…