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How to Keep the Love Alive on a Page: Guest Post from Heather Huffman (Waiting for You)

I definitely can use this advice! I am totally guilty of using the same words far too frequently…just ask my students! How to Keep the Love Alive on a Page It’s well-known that when you’ve been married any length of time, you have to work to keep things fresh. When you’ve written ten novels with romance at their core, the same applies. I’ve realized, after some chiding from various editors, that I have certain words I like and certain phrases that are my favorite. If I’m not careful, my books could wind up sounding more like a cookbook than a…

Autumn Piper, Author of Ripe for Trouble, Dishes on Single Dads

 Autumn Piper had me at “juxtaposition”! 😉 (It’s a super fun word. Really, more people should use it.) Single Dad…Be Still My Melting Heart   I’m a total sucker for a single dad going it alone as caregiver, protecting… Especially one sacrificing some of his own wants/needs (something moms are oh-so-familiar with, no?), for those of his little guy or girl. Maybe it’s seeing all that inherent tenderness in action, or perhaps it’s watching him do the chores and meet the needs of someone who needs him. Does it call to my inner evolved mom, letting me know, hey, this…

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