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New Release Excerpt and Giveaway: UNWRITTEN by Chelsea M. Cameron

Not convinced you need to read UNWRITTEN yet? Read on for a new excerpt! Excerpt: “We’re strapped for ideas and someone doesn’t want to do what we need to do to get the damn book done,” Raine said, jabbing her finger in my direction. “I’m someone,” I said, raising my hand. “And Raine isn’t telling the story right. What she wants me to do is go out with a guy and sleep with him multiple times and then tell her all the dirty details so we can use it for book material.” Even Angie raised her eyebrows at that. Raine…

Author Addison Moore on Why You Should Read SOMEONE FOR ME (plus a giveaway!)

I’m so glad I’m not the only one with an out-of-control TBR! Hi all! Addison Moore popping in for a visit! *waves* Here we are at the cusp of another long, hot summer, and I’m sure you all have a TBR pile to the ceiling (I know I do) or at least your Kindle’s ceiling. I wanted to stop in and tell you a little about my new book SOMEONE FOR ME. It’s the final book in the Someone to Love Series. The setting is Garrison University, where the hawt Cruise Elton falls hard for Kendall (Kenny) Jordan. Here’s a…

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