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New Release and Giveaways! THE GATEKEEPER’S SON by C.R. Fladmark (The Gatekeeper’s Son #1)

Two chances to win! The Gatekeeper’s Son by C.R. Fladmark (The Gatekeeper’s Son #1) Publication date: October 1st 2014 Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult Synopsis: Junya’s grandfather is a billionaire who keeps the secret to his success hidden in a heavily guarded safe. His mother is a martial artist who wields a razor-sharp katana—and seems to read his mind. And a mysterious girl in a Japanese school uniform can knock him over—literally—with just a look. What do they know that he doesn’t? Junya’s life takes a dangerous turn on his sixteenth birthday, when someone sets out to destroy not only the family’s business empire—the…