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New Release Review! A SISTER’S WISH by Shelley Shephard Gray (Charmed Amish Life #3)

A Sister’s Wish by Shelley Shepard Gray Synopsis: In Shelley Shepard Gray’s third book in her Charmed Amish Life series, a respectable young woman finds herself falling for an Amish man from the wrong side of the tracks. Amelia Kinsinger is the perfect Amish woman—at least according to her neighbors. And while Amelia takes pride in her role as homemaker, she’s also harboring a secret: She’s been in love with bad boy Simon Hochstetler for as long as she can remember. Too bad he’s about as far from “perfect” as an Amish man could get… but that’s exactly why she’s…

A Conversation with Shelley Shepard Gray, Author of A DAUGHTER’S DREAM (Charmed Amish Life #2) with a New Release Review and Giveaway!

Enter to Win a Print Copy of A SON’S VOW Welcome, Shelley! What 5 things should readers know about you? I like to write! To date, I’ve published over 60 books. I like dachshunds! Though I write about the Amish, I’m not Amish. However, I do know quite a few Amish ladies and they’ve helped me with the research over the years. I like to travel! My husband and I love to go on cruises and travel in Europe. Sometimes I think I work so hard so I can go on another vacation. <g> I grew up in Texas, and…

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