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Book Review and New Release: Christmas on 4th Street by Susan Mallery (Book 12.5 of the Fool’s Gold series)

Title: Christmas on 4th Street Author: Susan Mallery Series: Fool’s Gold Genre: contemporary romance Published: 2013 Pages: 336 Format read: ebook Rating: C+ As much as I’ve enjoyed many of Susan Mallery’s novels, her Fool’s Gold books have been really hit or miss for me from the start. The last few were definitely on the “miss” side of the equation; this one was at least closer to the “hit” side. Noelle Perkins is, like many Fool’s Gold protagonists, a relative newcomer to Fool’s Gold. Her tragic past has been hinted at in previous books as she has befriended the heroines of the last three novels. She’s…

The Week in Review: What I’m Reading, and a Must-See PSA for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (10/5/13)

I love this video in a way that’s probably not exactly healthy. It gives me something to look forward to every October–I try not to watch it all year long. Now that I’ve got a semi-intelligent phone, though, I’m definitely going to pick up that app. In the interest of keeping healthy, of course. That’s all. Honest. Back to the real world this week–no more Baltimore Book Festival. (Until next year, at least. My sister-in-law said in a text as we chugged away via train on Monday that “we’d be glad to have you back”. I’m keeping it as evidence,…

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