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What I’m Reading: Week in Review (8/31/13)

  Oh, I am soooo in denial that tomorrow is September first. Actually, it’s in an hour and a half, but I’m still going to label it tomorrow because that makes me feel better. See? Not just a river in Egypt. It’s all in my head, and I’m fine with that. With the dreaded “S” word starting soon, I haven’t been able to read as much this week as I wanted to, darn it. I’m still working my way through Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading, and if I can finish it by the end of next week I’ll be…

What I’m Reading: Week in Review (8/23/13)

  Well, another family vacation is over (sigh.) and we’re that much closer to school starting up again (bigger SIGH.) This can mean only one thing: time for some serious denial! Nothing says denial like lots of non-school related reading, right? Though, sadly, I did sneak some school-related reading in there too. Even my denial has its limits. Unfortunately. On the first full day in the Poconos, my sister-in-law got us all tickets to see the minor league affiliates of the Yankees (her favorite team) play. I was a little concerned, because we woke up to rain that morning. (Not…

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