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Tag: conned

Some Quick Reads to Pass the Time…(Or Use for Procrastination Purposes, with Slightly Less Guilt than a Full-length Novel)

If You Dare by Jessica Lemmon Blurb: SHE’LL MAKE HIM A BET… Lily McIntire is sick of losing every office wager to her overly cocky—and yeah, devilishly handsome—coworker, Marcus Black. After a few too many tequila shots, and a taunt from Marcus that she’s a wuss, Lily lays down a bet he can’t refuse: One night in the abandoned and spooky Willow Mansion alone for his recent office win, a trip to Hawaii. HE CAN’T REFUSE… There’s only one thing Marcus wants more than his upcoming vacation to Hawaii; it’s to take his sexy coworker on a real date. Every time he’s…

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