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New Release and Giveaway! EVERY DEEP DESIRE by Sharon Wray (Deadly Force #1)

  Dear Readers, As an author, I both love and fear release days. I’m thrilled that the book I’ve spent years on is entering the world, ready to find readers. Yet terrified because the fictional world I’ve spent so much time in—dreaming about, thinking of, planning for—is no longer my own. The story and everything in it, especially the characters, now belong to you. All the feels you experience, whether I intended them or not, will be filtered through your own life’s events. Your memories, your dreams, your joys, and losses will determine what you take away from the story.…

New Release Review and Giveaway! DEADLY FORCE by Misty Evans (Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce #3)

Looking for an intense romantic suspense? Look no further!   Book Summary: Some secrets can kill… NSA agent Bianca Marx is determined to save her marriage, even if it kills her…which it just might do since she knows a secret about her estranged husband’s last mission that has put a target on her back. A highly-skilled assassin is hot on her trail and the only man who can keep her safe doesn’t want anything to do with her. She’ll be dead in 24 hours…unless he can save her. After his marriage failed, Navy SEAL Callan Reese threw himself into his…

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