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Tag: half breed shifters

Blitz: Bear with Me by Miranda Stowe (Half-Breed Shifter #5)

 OMG, the excerpt… 😉 Bear with Me (Book 5 in the Half-Breed Shifter Series) By Miranda Stowe Blurb:  Being only one-fourth shape shifter, jaguar-human Rhea Griffin hopes to skip her mating heat altogether. But no such luck. It’s coming, and it’s coming soon. Good news is that advancements in technology have made it so she doesn’t have to turn into a total ho-bag and want sex from every male within a fifty-mile radius. She can take a nifty little injection for a couple of weeks to quell the “urges.” But bad news is the nifty little injection ends up being…

Spotlight and New Release: Body to Barter by Miranda Stowe (Book four in the Half-breed Shifter series)

Body to Barter by Miranda Stowe Blurb: Brynn Griffin has always known the Muhlikari pack of absolute pure-blooded wolves has no tolerance for her for kind. They kill half-breed shifters without mercy. So, when she’s captured by one of them, she’s willing to do anything to stay alive, even grant her captor sexual favors. But she never counted on being enthralled so completely. Gannon recognized Brynn as his mate the moment he smelled her. After she’s injured, he secretes her back to his den to heal her. But to keep her safe within his pack, he must pretend she’s his…

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