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New Release and Giveaway! THE SECRET HE KEEPS by Julieann Dove

\ On Tour with Prism Book Tours. The Secret he Keeps by Julieann Dove Adult Contemporary Romance Paperback & ebook, 276 pages December 8th 2016 Dr. Rachel Miller has no recollection of what happened that night she climbed in the car with her husband and he drove recklessly into a tree. She has no clue as to why she survived and he didn’t. Nor does she understand why strangers are coming up to her on the street and telling her things she can’t recall about a life that seems so long ago. But Dane Stone knows. Dane Stone is Rachel’s business…

Release Day and Giveaway! A REASON TO STAY by Julieann Dove

  A Reason to Stay Julieann Dove Publication date: June 1st 2016 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Elise Newton has it all—a dream job, a house that’s all hers, and a boyfriend who’s a cardiologist. Darren has been carrying an engagement ring in his pocket for two months, waiting for the perfect time to ask her to be his wife. He has no idea Elise has been waiting for the perfect time as well—to break up. You see, Elise has a fatal flaw. She cannot commit to love. An early-morning call from her sister gives Elise hope. She’s needed back home…

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