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A Conversation with Kate Tailor, Author of THE DESIGNED

Don’t forget to enter both giveaways!   Welcome, Kate! What 5 things should readers know about you? My goal as a writer is to write a story that hasn’t been told before, with a unique plot. I absolutely love plot twists. I don’t think that the world is a black and white place and I don’t think that heroes/villains should be either. Writing is my escape, and I hope that the reader finds an escape in my book as well. I love to travel and think that it has been my biggest inspiration. Plot twists are awesome 🙂   Tell…

The Author as a Reader and Writer: Kate Tailor, Author of THE DESIGNED (with a giveaway!)

A peek into the mind of a writer… How I write my characters: When I start a book I’m never positive how a character will turn out. I write them in different scenarios to get a feel for their voice and how they behave. Some characters that have started out sweet end up with a little bit of a dark side. I try to make my characters dimensional. I don’t like reading stories where people fit into too neat of boxes. I like to think that my characters surprise the reader at times while still staying true to themselves.  …

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