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Tag: love and other variables

Shannon Lee Alexander, Author of LIFE AFTER JULIET, Offers Camp “NaNoReMo” Advice!

In case you missed it, I reviewed Shannon’s LIFE AFTER JULIET here! (Spoiler alert–SO GOOD!)   Hello, Campers! It’s Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) time! Anyone ever thought about writing a novel in a month? No? Me either. Some people can be creative under pressure, but I don’t work that way. My creativity shuts down in a big hurry when I’m being pushed to create. Now, if it were Camp NaNoReMo (National Novel Revision Month), then I’d be totally game. I’d be the first one sitting around that campfire singing Kumbaya! We could sit around roasting marshmallows and feeding the…

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