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Books on Sale! MEN OF INKED Books #1-3 by Chelle Bliss Box Set now FREE

Never read the Men of Inked series? This is a great introduction to the series! The Gallos are a loving Italian family filled with alpha males and one sassy sister. Each book in the series focuses on a different sibling. Links: iBooks → Amazon US → B&N → Kobo → GooglePlay → Amazon UK →

New Release Review: HONOR ME by Chelle Bliss (Men of Inked #6)

NEW RELEASE Honor Me, Men of Inked Book 6, by Chelle Bliss City & Suzy are back! I had everything I ever wanted—a wife, a kid, with two more on the way. I was living the American dream. After the babies were born, we hit a rough patch. I did everything to prove my love, to show Suzy that nothing was more important than her. After some work and a lot of time, we found our groove again. Just when life had evened out, a familiar enemy came back to haunt us. It wasn’t my past that followed us, but…

New Release! UNLAWFUL DESIRE by Chelle Bliss (ALPHA Private Investigations #2)

  Synopsis: My fiancée ripped a piece of my heart out when I caught her with another man. It made me jaded, and I swore off relationships. But as with any plans, life had a way of making me its bitch. When a way too young bombshell walked into my world, my heart began to beat again. Georgia asked me for one night—nothing more—and with no strings attached. Our night of passion turned my universe upside down. When she almost slipped out of my life, I knew I had to make her mine. Willing to do anything to protect her,…

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