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Author Alison Stine Reveals the 10 Most Important Things About SUPERVISION’s Esme Wong (plus a giveaway!)

 Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! You can follow the rest of the tour here. The 10 most important things about Esme Wong (Ez) of SUPERVISION   1) She’s a big city kid in the country. Like Ez, I moved from NYC to a small, rural town in Appalachia. But unlike Ez, it wasn’t my punishment; I grew up in the country and wanted to return. For Ez, it’s more of an adjustment to be stuck in a town “where there were no malls or coffee shops or stores that stayed open past five o’clock or kids [her] own age…

Top 5 Best–and Worst!–Things About Being Able to Bend Time by Marilyn Almodovar, Author of FISSURE (with a Giveaway!)

Ever wish you could affect time? Author Marilyn Almodovar gives us the plus–and minus–sides to the ability! Top five best things about being able to Bend Time: Being able to move through Time without the constrictions of your own timeline. Witnessing historical events, and being able to give firsthand accounts about one of them for your history report. Being able to meet historical figures. Better understanding about our current society and why we behave the way we do. Being able to meet our ancestors.   Top five worst things about being able to Bend Time: Spoilers. Witnessing the same mistake…

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