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Saturday Morning Videos: “Let it Snow” #SNOWVEMBER Storm (and why you should always have enough books)

Technically, it wasn’t a “blizzard”–not enough wind, and some other science-y technicalities. But OH MY GOSH, did we just live through a doozy of a storm up here (and we had no heat at our house for 3 days of it–that and literally hours of shoveling kind of take the bloom off the no-school-and-no-work rose, believe me) but here’s a less gloomy look at it than the news will give you… First, a Frozen parody. It should be noted that where the singer is (downtown Buffalo) they only got a dusting of snow. But the rest of the shots give you an idea of…

Saturday Morning Videos…STAR S’MORES (It’s gonna be big! And chocolaty)

This is all kinds of awesome, starring my all-time favorite hero, Han–I mean Flan–Solo. Enjoy! Am I the only one who was deathly afraid (and half hoping) he was going to start singing “C is for Cookie”? This video was featured in the latest newsletter from the awesome people at Science Fiction. Fantasy. The Universe. Check them out!

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