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Ten Random Things About Patty Maximini’s THE REASON I STAY (and a giveaway!)

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below! 10 Random things about THE REASON I STAY THE REASON I STAY was originally entitled Madeleine, which was also Lexie’s original name. In my first outline the story was set in LA and Matt worked as a special effects makeup artist for the film industry. Creating the fictional town of Jolene, Alabama, was suggestion from my husband. Whenever I describe the color of Lexie’s nail polish in the book, I’m actually describing the color I had on that week. Lexie was originally a strawberry blonde, but then I saw the photo that would…

A “Lightning Round” Book Blitz and Giveaway! Exception by Patty Maximini

A “Lightning Round” with the Author and Characters of Exception: Lightning round with Patty, the author: 1-      Savory or Sweet? Savory 2-      Darts or Pool? Neither 3-      Cooking or baking? Cooking 4-      Coffee or Tea? Tea 5-      Pizza or Hamburgers? Pizza 6-      Popcorn or M&Ms? Popcorn 7-      Hotel or B&B? B&B 8-      Milk or Orange Juice? Milk 9-      Coke or Mountain Dew? Coke 10-   Pumps or flats? Flats Lightning Round with Emily, the heroine: 1-      Night or day? Day 2-      Hot or cold? Hot 3-      Dog or Cat? Cat 4-      Phone or email? Email 5-      Roses or Orchids? Roses 6-      Strawberries…

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