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Willowleaf Lane by RaeAnne Thayne (Book five of Hope’s Crossing series)

Title: Willowleaf Lane Author: RaeAnne Thayne Series: Hope’s Crossing Genre: Contemporary romance Published: 2013 Rating: 3.5 stars Candy store owner Charlotte Caine recently turned her life around. She grew up with six older brothers and had always been on the chubby side, but it wasn’t until the age of twelve when her mother died from cancer that she began to really put on weight as a method of coping with life. Fast forward fifteen years or so, and another life altering event–one of her brothers losing an eye and part of his arm fighting overseas–inspires her to eat smarter, exercise, and lose eighty pounds. Life…


On vacation, finally! We’re staying in a gorgeous A-frame cabin in Indian Lake. I’ve got the loft bedroom, and here’s the view I can see from my couch: It looks even better from the back porch. See? The only *teensy* problem is that it’s still raining on and off and it doesn’t look like it will be totally clear and sunny for any significant part of the week. It’s pouring right now, as a matter of fact. This will not be a huge problem, though, because I brought books! This week, I’m starting with Nicole Jordan’s Lover Be Mine, because I…

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