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Serial Love: Roman Holiday 1: Chained (Alternate title–Ruthie Knox: Still Helping Our Mondays to Suck Less)

  Title: Roman Holiday 1: Chained Author: Ruthie Knox Genre: Contemporary romance Published: 2013 Pages: 40 Format read: ebook serial Rating: A I honestly wouldn’t have thought it was possible to love a 40-page first part of a to-be-continued serial novel this much, but oh, I so do. Thank you, Ruthie Knox, for once again allowing me to embarrass my fourteen-year-old with almost nonstop giggling in public while I read this one. (Mini Moe #2 totally had it coming. I’d just spent big bucks on her at not one, but two stores, buying way more things than we’d actually gone in there for. She was earning…

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