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#HASHTAG Blog Hop Day 2: ROMEO (and a giveaway!)

Its DAY TWO of the #Hashtag #Hop – the blog hop where its all things #Hashtag and where we celebrate the release of Hashtag Series Book #4 #SELFIE!   #Hashtag #Hop 4-1-1  Dates: May 18-24 Something different everyday!   Schedule:  Day One: Braeden Day Two: Romeo Day Three: Rimmel Day Four: Ivy Day Five: #BuzzBoss Day Six: FAQ Video Day Seven: Bonus Material for #Selfie/Exclusive Excerpt   PLUS A GIVEAWAY!! (enter Below!)   Favorite Quotes from Romeo:  “I love you so goddamned much that it scares the shit out of me. You have no idea the kind of power you…