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New Release, Spotlight, and Giveaway! Shock Me by Ashley C. Harris

Read all about Shock Me, a YA paranormal by Ashley C. Harris. Today we have a book trailer, author and novella spotlight, and a $15 Amazon gift card Rafflecopter giveaway! Read on…. Title: Shock Me Author: Ashley C. Harris Author Location: FL, United States Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance Release Date: September 17th, 2013 Words: 68,230 Words Publisher: Self-Published Language: English Format: Digital eBook ISBN: 978-1-30157-839-9   A promising gymnast, Donna Young is a shy, quiet nobody from the wrong side of town. The only exciting thing in life is her secret friendship with Ryan, her childhood crush. But after…

The Week in Review: What I’m Reading, and a Must-See PSA for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (10/5/13)

I love this video in a way that’s probably not exactly healthy. It gives me something to look forward to every October–I try not to watch it all year long. Now that I’ve got a semi-intelligent phone, though, I’m definitely going to pick up that app. In the interest of keeping healthy, of course. That’s all. Honest. Back to the real world this week–no more Baltimore Book Festival. (Until next year, at least. My sister-in-law said in a text as we chugged away via train on Monday that “we’d be glad to have you back”. I’m keeping it as evidence,…

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