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Release Day! SHOPPING FOR A HIGHLANDER by Julia Kent (Shopping for a Highlander #2)

Title: Shopping for a HighlanderSeries: Shopping for a Highlander #2Author: Julia KentGenre: Romantic ComedyRelease Date: January 11, 2022 I’m a professional chickenblocker. Except “chicken” is a euphemism. I get paid to follow a womanizing troglodyte who thinks rules are for other people and that my pants are the next pair he’s getting into. Dream on. Bet your first professional job didn’t involve babysitting an extremely hot, muscle-bound Scottish Highlander with an ego the size of a kilt and a libido bigger than his…well… Chicken. Keeping Scottish football (that’s ‘soccer” to us Americans) player Hamish McCormick away from inappropriate scandals while…

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