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Release Day and Giveaway! LOVING THE PLAYBOY by S.L. Scott (Playboy in Paradise #3)

LOVING THE PLAYBOY is live!Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Life is perfect. Paradise is found in the arms of a redeemed playboy. Evan Ashford’s cocky side never stood a chance against true love. He pursued me with an unbridled determination and passion that couldn’t be denied, winning me over heart and soul. Our lives are now set . . . or so I thought. Nothing stays perfect forever and happiness comes with a price. I thought we had paid that price, so when we’re thrown into the biggest battle over our love yet, I’ll fight to claim my forever.…

Release Day and Giveaway! REDEEMING THE PLAYBOY by S.L. Scott (Playboy in Paradise #2)

REDEEMING THE PLAYBOY is live! Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Love can overcome any obstacle. I hope so because choosing to be together will take an act of complete faith, something I’ve never been capable of before Mallory. But now that I’ve tasted Heaven I have no intention of letting her go. The last three months were the best of my life and now our time together is over too soon. Selfishly, I need more. I want all of her, which is more than she can give with the distance that divides us. I don’t want a day without…

Release Day and Giveaway! FALLING FOR THE PLAYBOY by S.L. Scott (Playboy in Paradise #1)

It’s good to be me. Thanks to my last name, money is no object. According to the ladies, I’m charming. And if I do say so myself, which I do, I’m good looking. So I’m used to getting my way in life. No one turns me down. Not ever. That is until Mallory Wray, a fresh off the plane, brunette beauty lands in Hawaii and does just that. I think I found my new favorite pastime—how to bed the gorgeous co-ed. Again. … An escape. I’ll call it what it is. But there are worse places to spend the next…

Online Read-Along! S.L. Scott’s THE RESISTANCE

Join in this week’s three-day event! VIP All Access Backstage Pass to The Resistance Read-Along: a 3-day event where friends get together to read The Resistance. Whether it’s your first time or your tenth reading the book, I hope you’ll join us. Start a post or join the discussions after each chapter. This party is for you. Special guest appearances by authors and bloggers. Prizes, fun, and frivolity. Invite all your friends to the event.**Surprise Announcements During The Event**   June 17, 18 & 19 – 

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