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Tag: SM McEachern

New Release and Giveaway! SHAG LAKE by Susan McEachern

  Shag Lake Susan McEachern Publication date: July 11th 2017 Genres: Action, Adventure, New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction Geri McKenna hasn’t seen her brother’s best friend, Sean Eastman, since he graduated high school. Sean left their little town of Pembroke just hours after she nailed him with a kiss behind the shed, never to be seen or heard from again. No calls, no texts, no social media to stalk online. Eight years after the awkward incident behind the shed, Geri and Sean meet again. She’s now an ambitious journalist working in a dead end job, and he’s a successful structural…

New Release Spotlight and Giveaway! WORLDS COLLIDE by S.M. McEachern (Sunset Rising #2)

 Out now–book two in the trilogy! Worlds Collide by S.M. McEachern (Sunset Rising #2) Publication date: March 3rd 2014 Genres: Dystopia, Young Adult Synopsis: In a desperate attempt to escape execution, Sunny O’Donnell and Jack Kenner find a way out of the Pit and into a world still believed to be toxic with radiation. Under the brilliant sun for the first time in their lives, they not only discover that the earth has healed from nuclear war, but there are people outside the Dome. In Worlds Collide, the second book of the Sunset Rising trilogy, Sunny and Jack must continue a life of…

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