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Tag: snowed in

Release Day Review! GOLDILOCKS AND THE GRUMPY BEAR by Kacie West

He’s too grumpy. She’s all sunshine. But together they might fit just right. Single dad Declan Lowery is trying to have a peaceful holiday with his son. That is until Natalie Taylor plows into his front gate, all sunshine and Christmas cheer. While his son is delighted by her quirky fun, Declan knows he should find her a way home. He’s a famously grumpy ball player-he’s not running a damn bed and breakfast. But they’re stuck together while they wait for the storm to pass. Soon she’s baking cookies and tempting him to take a bite. And Declan’s list for…

New Release Review: ONE MAD NIGHT by Julia London

Why is it I always get snowed in with cranky teenagers instead of hot single guys? One Mad Night: A Novella by Julia London   Synopsis: One winter’s night a blizzard sweeps across the country, demonstrating that fate can change the course of lives in an instant…and fate has got a sense of humor. Chelsea Crawford and Ian Rafferty are high profile ad execs in cutthroat competition for a client. When a major winter storm puts New York City on lockdown, the two rivals have to make it through the night together-oh, the many ways in which opposites attract… Review:…

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