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New Release Review! A DUKE WILL NEVER DO by Darcy Burke (The Spitfire Society #3)

From the USA Today bestselling author of The Untouchables series comes your next Regency obsession: The Spitfire Society… Meet the smart, independent women who’ve decided they don’t need Society’s rules, their families’ expectations, or, most importantly, a husband. But just because they don’t need a man doesn’t mean they might not want one. After failing on the Marriage Mart, Jane Pemberton has two choices: submit to her parents’ edict to marry their boring neighbor or become a self-declared spinster and take up residence in the official headquarters of the Spitfire Society. It’s really no choice at all, and Jane is…

New Release Review and Giveaway! NEVER HAVE I EVER WITH A DUKE by Darcy Burke (Spitfire Society #1)

Title: NEVER HAVE I EVER WITH A DUKEAuthor: Darcy BurkeRelease Date: 8/27/19Series: Spitfire Society, book 1 Graham Kinsley is shocked when he inherits a debt-ridden dukedom, and now he has just one month to repay a loan. He needs an heiress–or find a way to recoup the former duke’s losses. When he meets the alluring Arabella, he’s entranced. Unfortunately, she’s as bankrupt as he is, but if they work together they may be able to recover their fortunes. Though if they keep stealing kisses, they may lose their hearts instead. Arabella Stoke can’t afford an attraction to the penniless duke…

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