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Author A.L. Goulden Explains How She Came Up With the Story of DECEMBER RAIN (August Fog # 2–with Giveaways!)

Two giveaways–don’t forget to enter! How did you come up with the story? There is a little bit of real life in the story. I was laid up on the couch for a summer, forced to quit my job, because of three stress fractures in my ankle that wouldn’t heal. I was reading a lot to pass the time and eventually started writing. There really was a sexy neighbor, he really is an artist, but there was never really an affair. Luckily I’m married to a man that finds my overactive imagination amusing and he never once thought it was…

Author C. Lee McKenzie (DOUBLE NEGATIVE) Answers the Ubiquitous Question “Where Do Stories Come From?” (with a giveaway!)

A new YA contemporary! Where Do Stories Come From? C. Lee McKenzie   Someone at a book signing recently asked me where I came up with the stories I’ve written and what my process was for getting those stories out of my head and onto the page. The short answer would have been, “Don’t ask me.” But I’m not into short answers, so I gave the question some thought and here’s what I’ve come up with. Stories come like clouds, usually when I least expect them and usually when I’m attending to other things, like brushing burrs out of my…

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