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Author Jessica Jayne (BOARD INDISCRETION–Taking Advantage #3) Talks About the Emotional Challenges of Being an Author

Later on today I’ll be posting an interview with Jessica as well–check it out here! How to Deal With the Emotional Challenges of Being an Author (or Just a Human Being) I think we are all aware of the some of the obstacles that can challenge a writer. Short on time? Yep, that has happened to me. Writer’s block? Been there… done that. Computer crashes? Yes, and it’s devastating. We give advice on how to overcome these sort of situations. Schedule time in your day to write. Just write, even if it’s crap, just write. Eventually you’ll get over the…

A Conversation and Giveaway with Jessica Jayne, Author of the Taking Advantage series (BOARD STIFF and BOARD APPROVED)

Jessica’s here today, talking about both books in her Taking Advantage series!   Tell us all about your main characters—who are they? Since I’m promoting two books in the Taking Advantage series, I’ll take them one at a time and in order. 🙂 In Board Stiff, John Dorsey is an independent and strong businessman who doesn’t feel challenged by the women who throw themselves at him. He needs a woman that can carry on a conversation while putting him in his place. Now that would turn him on! Elizabeth Wright is a hard-working, determined attorney who left a large firm…

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