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Book Blitz and Giveaway! CAPTIVE REBEL by Erin McDermott (The Allegiance #1)

Captive Rebel  by Erin McDermott  (The Allegiance #1)  Publication date: July 2nd 2017 Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult Synopsis: In a world where Greek Gods rule over the Allegiance, Marylyn O’Conner struggles to survive.  Marylyn is a rebel, forced to do the rebellion’s bidding until an unforgiving family debt is paid. A pawn in the war against the Allegiance, she is obligated to become a rebel spy, or her family will suffer.  When word spreads that an Allegiant Prince, Ariston, has escaped rebel captivity vowing to hunt down rebel spies, Marylyn realizes her only hope is to escape Allegiant territory.  While on the run, Ariston captures Marylyn, preventing her from any chance…

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