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Audiobook Review! THE GATE TO EDEN by Cathy McDavid

The Gate to EdenBy Cathy McDavidHistorical Romance, WesternAudiobook, 10 Hours and 33 Minutes (also in Paperback and ebook)January 12th 2019 Expert crackshot Maddie Campbell will do whatever it takes to survive in this female Robin-Hood-of-the-Old-West story – including evading bounty-hunter-for-hire Scott McSween who’s intent on bringing her in. Not your ordinary thief, widow and mother Maddie Campbell likes to think her wealthy victims are merely “donating” to herself and the hundreds of other widows and children left abandoned by the mining company after a devastating accident took the lives of their menfolk. Maddie’s secret excursions are quite successful…until ruggedly handsome…

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