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New Release Review! SEARING NEED by Tracey Devlyn (Steel Ridge: The Kingstons #3)

Searing Need by Tracey Devlyn Synopsis: To escape a brutal killer, a brilliant researcher teams up with a tortured soldier who poses an even greater threat . . . to her heart. Her sister might be the law and her brothers the brawn, but Riley Kingston is definitely the brains of the family. She’s a talented botanist well on her way to a PhD—so why does she feel like a failure? Fired from a dream project in Costa Rica, Riley’s stuck back in her hometown. Cataloguing plants on Steele land keeps her busy, but it’s far from compelling work. Until…

New Release Review and Giveaway! NIGHT STORM by Tracey Devlyn (Bones and Gemstones #1)

Tracey Devlyn has a brand new series out now–here’s book one! About the book: A promising young apothecary picks up the pieces of her life, only to collide with the ruthless thief-taker who once shattered her dreams and her heart. When the love of his life chose an apprenticeship in Scotland over his marriage proposal, thief-taker Cameron Adair buried himself in his work–building an unmatched network of underworld spies. Forged by his reputation as a ruthless, greed-driven businessman, he has amassed a fortune. But he has one vulnerable spot in his armor–a brilliant, green-eyed apothecary, who continues to haunt his heart.…

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