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New Release and Giveaway! VEILED VIXEN by KC Cross (Harem Station #6)

VEILED VIXEN BY JA Huss and KC Cross HAREM STATION #6 Publishing October 21, 2019Sci-Fi-Alien RomanceEBOOK ISBN: 978-1-950232-12-3PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-1-950232-13-0 All his other Harem brothers have found their one true love and they are spectacular princesses. Not Valor’s girl. Veila is the definition of evil. Not the kind of girl a guy falls for. Especially a stand-up guy like Valor. He’s not interested in her sexy glow, her pretty hair, or her glowing eyes. No. Valor only wants one thing for his fated princess. Death. But it’s kind of hard to kill someone you’ve been genetically engineered to love. And…

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