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I’ve always appreciated days off as much as the next person, but as a social studies teacher, it’s always bothered me that we celebrated a guy who chopped off the hands of natives who didn’t bring him enough gold (see item #7 on the History Channel’s list). Um, seriously? YouTube won’t allow it to be embedded, so here’s the link. I actually did teach about Columbus’s–and other explorers’–cruelty; one of my favorite tools was Tod Olsen’s play “Explorers Who Abused the Indians–and Got Away with It.” (I don’t even remember where I got my copy from originally, but this lesson plan…

Saturday Morning Videos: It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Time for an update for the YOUR MAN REMINDER app :)

Of course the first video will always be the classic one–and really, it deserves many, many repeat viewings, this month and every month 😉 –but the update isn’t too bad either! Seriously, the app is pretty neat. And it totally embarrasses the Mini Moes when it goes off. Bonus! Self-check and get regular mammograms, everyone–and make sure you bring something awesome to read in the waiting room, of course! Rethink Breast Cancer website  

Saturday Morning Videos…STAR S’MORES (It’s gonna be big! And chocolaty)

This is all kinds of awesome, starring my all-time favorite hero, Han–I mean Flan–Solo. Enjoy! Am I the only one who was deathly afraid (and half hoping) he was going to start singing “C is for Cookie”? This video was featured in the latest newsletter from the awesome people at Science Fiction. Fantasy. The Universe. Check them out!