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Fatal Justice by Marie Force (Book two of the Fatal series)

Fatal Justice
Author: Marie Force
Series: Fatal
Genre: romantic suspense
Published: 2011
Rating: 3 ½ stars

Fatal Justice, book two in the Fatal series, takes up Sam and Nick’s story right where Fatal Affair left off. Sam receives her promotion, and Nick is sworn in as the interim junior senator from Virginia. Nick’s about to close on a house just down the street from Sam’s dad’s, and things are looking up for the media’s latest golden couple.

So naturally, that would be the cue for everything in their lives to take a sharp turn, right?

Soon Sam’s investigating the murder of another friend of Nick’s—this time a Supreme Court Justice nominee. (Clearly it does not pay to be this guy’s close acquaintance. Hopefully he’ll be less closely involved with the victims in the rest of the series…otherwise, I say get yourself removed from his Christmas card list, people!) Oh, and the scene of a recent—and horrific—domestic disturbance might hold a clue to who shot Sam’s dad. Certain members of the press claim know something potentially damaging about Sam’s past. The senior senator from Virginia might not be too pleased with Nick. And’s that’s just in the first third or so of the book….

Fatal Justice was nonstop action, much like the first book. I enjoyed watching Sam and Nick’s relationship develop, and it was great to see most of the secondary characters from Fatal Affair back again. However, this one almost had too much going on—the hits just never stopped coming. On top of that, both Nick and Sam—but especially Sam—spent a lot of time in this one lying to each other; even though a lot of it was lies of omission, it still bothered me. Sam’s toughness—especially toward the end when she REALLY should never have left the hospital—felt too way over the top to be believed. (I might have rolled my eyes a time or two. Maybe–in between muttering What are you doing? Why? once or twice.)

Still, this is an enjoyable series. I’m taking a break from it for an audio book or two, but I’ll be back! I definitely need to see how Sam handles the aftermath of this book’s epilogue. J

In a nutshell: series remains strong, though I’d like to see a little less going on in future installments. A lot of fun, though! 3 ½ stars.

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