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New Release Review! AN EXTRAORDINARY LORD by Anna Harrington (Lords of the Armory #3)

A steamy historical romance set in Anna Harrington’s star-studded Regency world. Soldier turned solicitor Lord Merritt Rivers has dedicated his life to upholding the law. He patrols the streets faithfully, hoping to stop crimes before they can happen. While hunting an escaped convict, he encounters a woman also hunting thieves. She’s a delicious distraction, until he discovers that she is the criminal he’s after. She’s smart, challenging, and everything he finds attractive, but he cannot trust her. Veronica Chase has hidden her past as a nobleman’s daughter. She confesses to a crime to keep her adopted brother out of prison.…

New Release and Giveaway! AN UNEXPECTED EARL by Anna Harrington

An Unexpected Earlby Anna HarringtonPublication Date: 2/23/2021 He’s determined to do right by the girl he left behind… Twelve years ago, former brigadier Brandon Pearce had to give up the girl he loved, Amelia Howard. Now he’s the Earl of Sandhurst, but committed to stopping a criminal group that’s threatening the lives of innocent people. Amelia’s brother is in their clutches, and Pearce has to navigate the slippery slope of being back in Amelia’s life without telling her what he’s really up to. But he’ll have to deceive her first… Amelia is now a grown woman with a past she…

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