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New Release Review! AN EXTRAORDINARY LORD by Anna Harrington (Lords of the Armory #3)

An Extraordinary Lord cover

A steamy historical romance set in Anna Harrington’s star-studded Regency world.

Soldier turned solicitor Lord Merritt Rivers has dedicated his life to upholding the law. He patrols the streets faithfully, hoping to stop crimes before they can happen. While hunting an escaped convict, he encounters a woman also hunting thieves. She’s a delicious distraction, until he discovers that she is the criminal he’s after. She’s smart, challenging, and everything he finds attractive, but he cannot trust her.

Veronica Chase has hidden her past as a nobleman’s daughter. She confesses to a crime to keep her adopted brother out of prison. She now lives in London’s underworld, trapped between worlds, belonging nowhere.

Forming an uneasy alliance, Veronica and Merritt work together to protect innocent Londoners during the city’s riots. Moving between her world and his, they grow closer to each other and to the mob’s dangerous leaders. But their newfound trust won’t be enough, until each face their demons and ask what’s worth saving―the lives they’ve chosen to lead or the love that leaves them yearning for more.

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Merritt’s book did not disappoint!

Though he and Victoria definitely started with “lust at first sight” vibes, I really enjoyed their back-and-forth, both in banter and sword fighting. And the original name he gives her–which she continues to call him throughout the book–cracked me up every time. The two of them on the page together were truly something else.

There were times that I wished Merritt and Victoria would have done a better job of communicating, though–as much as I love it, witty banter isn’t all you need to sustain a healthy relationship and lasting future. (Sword fighting, though, is a definite step in the right direction 😉 ) For all of Victoria’s angst over them never being able to be together, that part is resolved rather easily which made it seem a bit anticlimatic. All was forgiven when I got to that epilogue, though–OMG, it was perfect!

The drama of the events they are trying to contain add an extra bit of umph to this story–the perpetrators behind it all are the same bad guys as in the first two book, and we get more details about who they are here and how they might hope to achieve their ultimate goal. They are still at large at the book’s end, though, with a potential civil war hanging over England…which can only mean one thing. Bring. On. Book. Four!

An Extraordinary Lord is the third book in Ms Harrington’s Lords of the Armory series. It *could* work as a standalone, but since the villainous organization subplot continues through each book, readers who enjoy the suspense portion will get more out of the series by reading them in order. Each book centers on a different hero/heroine duo, though, so if you’re just in this for the romance, feel free to pick and choose and/or read them out of order. I mean, I’m pretty sure Ms Harrington’s going to let good triumph over evil in the end, so there’s not too much suspense there… 😉

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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