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The BOUND BY DUTY (by Stormy Smith) Soundtrack–with a Giveaway! (the Bound series #1)

BOUND BY DUTY’s author, Stormy Smith, shares her playlist for the book with us here–and is hosting a giveaway! The Bound by Duty Soundtrack   Hi everyone! Stormy Smith here. My debut novel – Bound by Duty – released on July 24 and I’m here to give you some insider information on me and the book. Music is a HUGE part of my life. I am addicted to Spotify and adore finding new artists. I spend a lot of time getting to know local artists and live shows are among my favorite places to be. When I wrote Bound by…

Guest Post: Top 5 Tips for Surviving Life on the Run by “Kitten” (Hanna Peach, author of Bound By Lies) and a Giveaway

Want to add some thrill to your morning? Look no further… AND it’s on sale for a limited time! Top 5 Tips for Surviving Life on the Run By “Kitten” #5. Don’t use your real name. (No s**t Sherlock.) #4. The less information that you give people is better. No birthdays, no childhood stories, no letting anyone in on your past. Yeah, that means no birthday presents. Get over it. Getting to stay alive for one more day is your present. #3. Learn how to defend yourself – take up kickboxing, buy a gun and learn how to use it,…

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