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Release Day Review! ROGUE EVER AFTER Anthology by Tracey Livesay and 7 other awesome authors! (The Rogue Series #7)

Love never dies. Hope never ends. The Rogue series wraps up with eight new romances for dreamers who know “happily ever after” is a chance for a new start.  For Love and Country by Tracey Livesay  Zora grows disillusioned as her boss, Senator Ethan Humphries, bows to pressure to back the Republican president’s agenda. Frustrated, she hands in her notice.  Ethan is stunned by Zora’s resignation…and the realization of his feelings for his deputy chief of staff. Will he do the right thing or risk losing Zora’s respect, and her love?  Ipso Facto ILU by Hudson Lin  When PhD student…

New Release Review! ROGUE NIGHTS Anthology (Rogue #6)

Seven tales of romance, hope, and passion. Even after the roughest night, dawn promises new beginnings.  Review: A solid anthology–there’s not a single weak story in the group! I loved that they all had some basis in the political but it wasn’t the main focus–a hopeful political view helped to give each of the romances hope, though. And who doesn’t need a little more hope in their lives these days? The first story (Resisting Desire) was from a new-to-me author (Talia Hibbert–now I really need to see what she can do in a longer format!) who has been on my…

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