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Author Suzanne McKenna Tells Us the Top 10 Things We Need to Know About Toby Faye of KEEPING CLAUDIA (with a giveaway!)

I’d love to talk about Toby Faye, the male protagonist of my “Toby & Claudia” series. He is a complex character, at times brooding and intense, at others, witty and charismatic, making him an immensely gratifying character to write. Without further ado, here’s the top ten most important things about Toby Faye: His childhood: In the series’ first book, “Saving Toby,” Toby believes a difficult childhood dropped him into a hole he can never climb out of. The Faye family is the epitome of dysfunction. Burdened by alcoholism and physical abuse, their family has gained a disparaging notoriety about town.…

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