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Books on Sale! Dangerous Desire, Kindle First deals, and a boxed set

Annie Seaton’s Dangerous Desire is on sale today and tomorrow only (January 3 and 4) for 99 cents–get it quick! I reviewed it here.

It’s a fun read at a great price 🙂


A desperate search…

Schoolteacher Gracie James has never seen more danger than her kindergarten grade classroom, but when she goes searching for her missing sister, she’s thrown into a world of sex, crime…and passion. Following a hot lead, she sneaks onto a stranger’s boat—and gets caught. Their one-sided conversation convinces her of two things. One: the guy is seriously sexy. Two: he knows something about her sister. Oh, yeah. And did she mention he’s sexy? And a sizzling attraction…

Jake Alexander, former cop, is staking out a yacht brimming with criminal activity, for an insurance company, when a woman, dressed to kill and totally irresistible, stumbles into his dangerous undercover op. If he hadn’t tackled her, she’d have tottered straight onto the questionable yacht in those ridiculous high heels. Then she’d be dead. Or worse. As much as he’d like to kick her off his boat, he can’t risk her going off on some hare-brained scheme—but he can’t keep her around to muck up his job. Oh, yeah. And did he mention she’s distracting as hell? Lead to dangerous desire…

Unfortunately, she has a keen mind of her own. And a body any man would die for. Jake’s attempt to keep Gracie safe quickly morphs into a reluctant alliance. And a whole lot more… But Gracie finds herself knee deep in more trouble than she bargained for, with secrets revealed and the criminals coming after her. Unless they find a way to trust each other, they’re finished. Oh, yeah. And did they mention they’re in love?





Have you heard about this yet? Amazon’s Kindle First program offers a FREE not-yet-released book to all Prime customers each month. If you’re an Amazon customer but don’t have Prime, you can still participate–it’ll only cost you $1.99.

The Kindle First romance offering this month is from Nancy Naigle: Mint Juleps and Justice. The regular price is going to be $4.99 (plus, it doesn’t release until February 1st), so it’s quite the deal, even if you’re not a member!


Welcome to Adams Grove…where wrongs are righted with just desserts.

Luck abandoned Brooke Justice during her nasty divorce. Desperate to escape her malicious ex-husband, she relocated to the small town of Adams Grove, Virginia. When someone breaks into her new house, she suspects her ex bears the blame for the crime. With no evidence and little help from the police, she asks a private investigator to take her case—a private investigator whose sexy broad shoulders and stunning blue eyes make her question her decision to swear off relationships forever.

Mike Hartman fled Adams Grove when a devastating loss left his heart in pieces. After years overseas in the military, he’s finally returned home, determined to start anew as a private investigator. Then Brooke walks into his office, awakening something he hasn’t felt in years. Can they both move on…into each other’s arms? Or will the pain of the past—and the dangerous threat lurking in the present—destroy their new beginning?


Here’s another 99-cent boxed set–price is good until 1/31

Three Happy Endings boxed set by Opal Carew


Three men are better than one…
Secrets, surprises, and submission – three torrid tales of triple passion.



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