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New Release Review! THE COLONEL’S DAUGHTER by Amy Andrews (Men of the Zodiac #8)

Out this Tuesday!

The Colonel’s Daughter
by Amy Andrews


Sign: Scorpio

Ivy Danforth is out from under her Colonel father’s overprotective control, and she’s making it count. Big time. She’s taken the summer off to travel through Australia with her bestie and experiencing all that life has to offer—when you’re not under constant military surveillance. She wants to end her summer with some sexy fun, and she has just the hottie in mind.

Seth Rodrigo is ex-Special Forces working undercover and keeping an eye on Ivy as a special favor to her father. All he has to do is not give the game away and reveal who he really is. And especially not give into the hunger that’s burning through his careful control…

Then they’re forced into protective custody. Alone. Together. For four days.

And this time, the Colonel’s daughter isn’t taking no for an answer…


Quick and enjoyable, The Colonel’s Daughter only took an afternoon to read, but it packed quite a punch 🙂

I really liked Seth, the alpha male bodyguard/security specialist who tries his darnedest to resist falling for the colonel’s daughter. Yeah, you know how that one’s going to end up, right? 😉 I loved reading the scenes from his point of view especially, because he was so conflicted about what he wanted to happen and what he knew should happen. (When he imagined the Colonel pushing him out of an airplane at 60,000 feet without a parachute? Too. Funny.) Definite props to him for telling Ivy the truth about himself and why he was in her life before they actually slept together–even though he knew there was an excellent chance that doing so meant they wouldn’t sleep together. (Yet, anyway. You know it’s coming eventually.)

Overall I liked Ivy’s character too, though at times I thought she should cut her father and Seth a little slack–obviously, they both had darn good reasons for thinking she needed protection, given everything that was going on at the time of the novel and her family’s personal history. Yes, she was lied to, but on the other hand she clearly was in need of some protection, so…some sort of understanding could have been reached, maybe?

Altogether The Colonel’s Daughter was another entertaining read from Ms. Andrews. Since each of the books in the Men of the Zodiac series is written as a standalone, this one’s a great place to jump in if you haven’t started the series yet.

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.




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