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New Release Review! RAPTURE by Skye Jordan (The Renegades #8)

Rapture cover
by Skye Jordan


As a premier stuntwoman in Hollywood, Zahara Parrish is no stranger to risk. Neglected as a child, she learned early on never to depend on others to keep her safe. Now, she’s as protective over her heart as she is over her hard earned success, which is why she’ll never mix business and pleasure. But Chase Layton missed that memo. The up-and-coming actor has his sights set on Zahara, and he’s just real enough to rock her world—in the most unexpected ways.

Chase Layton’s rise to fame hasn’t been easy. His rock solid family may keep him grounded, but nothing about his all-American-apple-pie life prepared him for the treacherous, winding paths to the top of Tinsel Town. When he meets Zahara, he instantly knows she’s his people and one passionate night quickly deepens into more. Despite Zahara’s attempts to deny the strength of their connection, despite the studio’s ban on relationships between coworkers, Chase won’t give up. He didn’t get this far by letting amazing opportunities slip away.

When Chase’s decisions threaten to tear them apart, Zahara must decide if love is worth the risk or if this is just another heartache in her journey. Because this time, hers isn’t the only heart on the line.



Zahara was an amazing character–a female stuntperson!–and I warmed to her right away. She and Chase (an up-and-coming actor) threw off plenty of sparks every time they were on the page; I can just imagine how that would have transferred on the big screen (if Z ever got to be on the big screen as herself, that is–sadly, she didn’t). The stunts that the two of them carried out in the book were pretty intense, seconded only by their (ahem!) other scenes…

I liked Chase as well, though he had an annoying tendency to make dubious decisions that negatively affected people who weren’t him…without thinking ahead of time that such outcomes were a possibility. In a fairly conflict-free book, though, I guess the conflict has to come from somewhere, right? Still, everything came out well in the end, and the actual end of the book was pretty squee-worthy, so…

This was only my second book from the series (after Riptide) so I’m not quite as familiar as other readers undoubtedly are with the other series characters. It wasn’t a huge problem, though. The focus is really on Zahara and Chase, so even new readers to the series shouldn’t have any problem following along and enjoying all of the accompanying drama.

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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