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This is No Time to Panic! (Or is it the perfect time to panic? A Week in Review 11-22-13)

Maybe even six days too long. My weekend is pretty booked up too–don’t people understand I have to write? I’m on deadline here! And woefully behind!

Oh, and my laptop officially died. I’m fairly certain the repair shop I took it to (and will never visit again, obviously) had a hand in it, though they deny it. Hey, guys–it was working fine when it came in, except for the crack in the screen. You “fix” the screen and suddenly it won’t turn on? The power button becomes permanently stuck down? The plastic protecting the hinge cracks off? Um, none of those issues occurred while I still had it..thirty-five Catholic school kids can attest to the fact that it turned on just fine and was fully operational all day the day I dropped it off….

So, new laptop. Again. Not loving Windows 8 yet.

Mini Moe #2 is in her first high school play this weekend, and she’s absolutely adorable. On night two, she even managed a few brief smiles while singing and dancing–on night one, she was concentrating so hard on her dancing that I’m pretty sure I saw steam rising from her ears. Seeing it four times this weekend is putting me in the mood to listen to Jim Dale’s narration of A Christmas Carol again–surely I can squeeze it in? (He is hands-down my favorite narrator–I can’t recommend his version of Harry Potter enough–it’s fantastic! Each and every character has their own unique voice–amazing.)

As you can tell from the widget, not enough writing happened this week. I’m hoping to make up for it this weekend, but it may be a lost cause. There’s no school for the last five days of the month, though, so I’m planning on doing a full-court press then…I must win!

Not enough reading went on here either. I read the novella Tis the Season to be Kissed by Amy Andrews–loved it. Just the right amount of steam plus holiday cheer. Santa to the Rescue by Adele Downs was cute, though the heroine was a bit over the top in her attitude toward the hero for much of it. I started Nina Croft’s Bittersweet Magic and really don’t want to put it down, though I have to–I’m sensing that I’ll be picking up book one in that series soon. Remy by Katy Evans and Some Like it Sinful by Robbie Terman are next up.

I finally listened to The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins–yay! I wasn’t crazy about the narrator, but enjoyed the story. Darn that Kristan, she had me tearing up more than once. Now I’ve moved on to Ms. Higgins’s “Man Wars” buddy, Jill Shalvis’s book–Always on My Mind. I’m really enjoying it so far. Where can I get my own firefighter hero? Though I’d definitely settle for a mechanical engineer professor hero in a pinch–especially if he’s got a British accent. And tattoos. Yum.

Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo? How is it going? Are you somehow managing to keep up a vigorous reading schedule too? If so, can you share your secret with me?

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