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Happy New Year! Hospice Quilt #2 Finished in 2014, and My Quilting Resolutions for 2015

Now that I’m gainfully employed again and only taking four classes instead of five (though right now I’m on winter break–whooo hooo!), I fully intend to get more quilting done this year. On the very last day of 2014, I finished my second Hospice t-shirt quilt (see #1 here):



It’s not the best quality picture–Mini Moe#2 took it with her phone and we were having lighting issues. It looks much better in person, I promise 😉

Since a few of the designs were quite wide–but not enough of them to make an entire wide column–I decided to make the quilt in rows this time. I used a dark blue batik for the sashing and binding (think: t-shirts and jeans) and used a red, white, and blue print on the back that was vaguely reminiscent of a 1940s geometric. The batting is Warm & Natural cotton and I constructed it by quilting each row as I pieced it (the quilting is straight vertical lines spaced more or less randomly across each shirt design) and then connecting the rows together with covering strips that end up looking like more thin sashing.

Two glasses of sparkling grape juice helped me push through and finish it before the ball dropped to end 2014, and it was delivered it its recipient the morning of Friday, January 2.


Quilting goals for 2015–keeping it modest this time:

  • Finish the paper pieced crazy quilt I started a really long time ago (2 more blocks to go–piece the top, have it quilted, and then bind it)
  • Put together the group quilt for Mini Mac #2 (see her brother’s on the Quilts page)
  • Finish the (ahem–2012) Craftsy‘s Block of the Month that I started (in 2012) and have half of the blocks finished for (the 2015 one is taught and designed by quilting superstar Ginny Beyer–and it’s gorgeous!)
  • If asked, I’d also do another Hospice quilt or two 🙂

What about you? Anyone else with sewing/crafting/creative goals for 2015?




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