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Release Day Review! BACK TOGETHER AGAIN by Gracie York

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What to Expect:
⚾️Second Chance
💙Workplace Romance
💙Baseball Hero
⚾️Forced Proximity
🐧Cameos from our favorite Puffin!
💙Revs Baseball World

Eleven years ago, Mason Dumpty stole my heart and made me fall for him. Then he left me bruised and broken. Now he’s the one who’s hurt and as trainer of the Boston Revs, it’s my job to help get the center fielder back in the game.

While stretches and shoulder rubs are part of my job, it all feels different when it’s his bare skin beneath my fingers.

Falling for him again is forbidden and if we’re caught I’ll be the one to pay the price but it may be worth it if my heart is finally put back together again.

This nursery rhyme retelling is a second chance work place rom com between a baseball star and his trainer. Guaranteed HEA, with some found family, great Boston Revs Baseball team fun, and lots of laugh out loud moments.

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Gracie York continue their nursery rhyme retellings, giving us a new, slightly smutty version of Humpty Dumpty this time!

(Though really–are there people out there with the last name Dumpty? If so, I’m very, very sorry.)

Mason and Rory’s story is touted as a second chance romance–the title is doing double duty here, for their relationship and the original rhyme–though honestly, their original relationship was really more of a months-long friendship with one great kiss before BAM! it was over (for reasons that are explained early on in the story. It’s essentially a misunderstanding).

Once they resolved the drama of their past, it was really cute watching them become close again and then becoming more. The forbidden workplace romance of it all made for some amusing situations as they try to hide it from their coworkers–that was a lot of fun–before they came to a pretty obvious solution to their problem, with the help of some familiar characters if you’ve read the Mom Coms series.

If you’re a fan of the no-third-act-breakup story, Back Together Again delivers.

(Side bar re: the concussion protocol utilized here for plot purposes: interestingly enough, it was another sports romance that popped the “concussion victims need to be woken up every few hours” bubble for me–and the Cleveland Clinic confirms–there is zero health benefit for the practice; it’s better to let them sleep through as long as they seem fine. I can’t wait to see what new creative and even better ways sports romance writers will come up with to use injuries to bring their MCs together once they all figure it out.)

Rating: 3 1/2 stars / B+

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Back Together Again trope graphic:
- puffin cameo
- trainer/player
- baseball hero
- forced proximity
- second chance
- workplace
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