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New Release Review! THE BOYFRIEND BID by Jodie Andrefski (The Girlfriend Request #2)

Sarah Campbell’s never bid in her high school’s charity auction to win a date with one of the school’s hottest guys. And she’s certainly not going to start now––when she’s still hurting over a bad breakup. The absolute last thing she’d ever do is bid on Mr. Ego himself, Chance DuPont.

Chance just wanted to help out a worthy cause, not get roped into not one but six dates with someone who seemingly can’t stand him. But when Sarah’s friends bid on him on her behalf, that’s exactly where he ends up. Now a local blog is covering the story by following them on all their dates, too? 

Seems like everyone loves a good love story––except the two living it.

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The Boyfriend Bid is a cute, quick read that only requires a teensy bit of suspension of belief (would grown adults really think a last-minute raffle of a high schooler to a bunch of his peers for a prize of six dates with him is a good idea? How many of those peers would really have $300 left at the end of a charity raffle? And the reality TV/blog aspect of it? Don’t get me started…) but their cause is good–though I would have liked to have seen it played up more–the characters are fun, and many of their scenes together are cute. It was frustrating at times (why does Sarah hold on to her witchiness for so long? For pity’s sake, why don’t the two of them just ditch the cameras and microphones and have a conversation already?) but entertaining overall. Like in the first book in the series ( The Girlfriend Request ) many of their plans weren’t terribly well thought out, but that just added to the fun.

Second in the series, but should also work just fine as a standalone.

Rating: 3 stars / C+

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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