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New Release and Giveaway! THE WARLOCK’S STORM by Marie-Claude Bourque

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Author: Marie-Claude Bourque
Release Date:
21th Jan. 2021
Print Length:
134 pages
M/F Paranormal and urban fantasy romance with HEA – no cliffhangers – no cheating
Heat level:
Slightly steamy with some description

Meet the Order of the Black Oak: a powerful order of modern-day warriors fighting evil to protect the ones they love.

When rugged warlock turned fisherman Reynolds Stanford finds himself stranded in a haunted New England harbor at the approach of a powerful tropical storm, he must battle more than sea monsters and revenants. The gorgeous female panther shifter sent to help him by his family is tugging emotions buried deep within his soul and he fears that while he might survive the night from the deadly assault on his ship, he may very well end-up losing his heart.

If you love loyal tough guys with hearts, satisfying slow-burn paranormal romance and safe Happily Ever Afters, the Black Oak World is for you.

Fantastic series oaction, magic and awesome romance. You will fall in love with the characters and feel you are right with them.

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“We’re stuck here.” Rey plunked himself next to her and flipped the page of his small book mindlessly, hoping for a strike of intuition at what to do next.

“You’re finding anything?” Saira had tucked her legs under her, her body gathered in a small ball at the corner of the bench as she continued to tie the long braid falling over her shoulder. Her feminine scent rose to him and his chest expended with yearning.

He stopped perusing the book to watch her more deeply. A lock of her black hair had escaped the braid and tangled in the button of the shirt he had given her. Her lip was still moist from the rum she had drunk and her big brown eyes with flecks of amber lent her a hint of vulnerability.

Every fiber of his body called for him to protect her. To fight to his last breath to make sure she was safe from harm.

He shook his head in wonder. He’d spent his whole life separated from the Black Oak Order on purpose. Focused only on his own hurt, running away from his responsibility and finding no reasons to change his way.

And there she was, his reason.
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About the author:

Marie-Claude Bourque is a Seattle-based author of gothic paranormal romance and the winner of the American Title V award with her first novel ANCIENT WHISPERS.

Her writing features modern-day fantasy skillfully weaved into infinitely romantic supernatural stories between smart strong women and complex passionate heroes. 

Happily Ever After always absolutely guaranteed!

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  1. Anita Yancey Anita Yancey

    The story sounds amazing, and I love the cover.

  2. Great cover, sounds like a good read.

  3. Latifa Morrisette Latifa Morrisette

    Love the cover. This book sounds amazing.

  4. Sounds really great

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