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The Week in Review: What I’m Reading, and a Must-See PSA for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (10/5/13)

I love this video in a way that’s probably not exactly healthy. It gives me something to look forward to every October–I try not to watch it all year long. Now that I’ve got a semi-intelligent phone, though, I’m definitely going to pick up that app.

In the interest of keeping healthy, of course. That’s all. Honest.

Back to the real world this week–no more Baltimore Book Festival. (Until next year, at least. My sister-in-law said in a text as we chugged away via train on Monday that “we’d be glad to have you back”. I’m keeping it as evidence, and will bring it out next September as needed. ;))

So…on the long, arduous train journey (long because of the inevitable delays by train, arduous because I had to sit with Mini Moe#2, who is not known for her patience), I did get a lot of reading done. I read all four of the Ever After titles that were being released that day: Wish Upon a Star by Michelle McLean, Haunted Chemistry by Lindsey R. Loucks, Ruby Hill by Sarah Ballance, and Mercy by Jan Coffey. I especially enjoyed the last two.

Next I picked up Susan Mallery’s Christmas on 4th Street, which I received through NetGalley. It was better than the last few books in the series at least. Review is coming. Now I’m reading Annie Seaton’s Dangerous Desire for an upcoming blog post; Shock Me by Ashley C. Harris is waiting in the wings.

On audio, I finished Jennifer Lynn Barnes’s The Squad: Perfect Cover which I absolutely loved. It didn’t hurt that one of my favorite narrators, Amanda Ronconi, reads it–but the story was a lot of fun all on its own. Geeky High school girl turns-spy-cum-cheerleader. I’m planning on reading book two in the series (Killer Spirit) soon, but will do so knowing there’s probably no more books to come in that series since they both came out in 2008.


Mini Moe#2 was actually finished with The Bride Wore Size 12 before I even got to start it, darn that girl–but I’m finally listening to it now. So far it was definitely worth the wait.

What are you reading this weekend? Which guy would you pick for your “man reminder“? (By the way, I just Googled the app, and not only is it free but it is “now with more hot guys”! Win-win! Excuse me while I go download.)

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