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Week in Review: What I’m Reading (Writing. I mean WRITING. 11-9-13)


It’s November 9, so all the WriMos out there know what that means, right? Time for the all-day writing marathon, online and locally! (I get emails from my local chapter, but have yet to actually attend any of their events. If you’re not as lame as I am, you can find your local liaison here and see if they have anything planned that you can join in on.)

It’s also a big day for donations, so if you think the NaNoWriMo program is one that should be kept going, please consider a donation! You’ll get a cool halo on your profile pic on the website, and have the chance to win hourly prizes. (You can also choose to have your donation go towards the Young Writer’s Program part of the organization. I’m just sayin’.)

Here’s the short-and-sweet version, straight from their site:

No time for reading… Must write!

The short version: Join us on Saturday, November 9 for day-long noveling madness in person and online, and donate to help us reach our $50K goal. Keep NaNoWriMo running the course for years to come!

All the glory of a traditional marathon, none of that pesky training. Just you, your novel, and a deep and abiding love of helping others discover the joy of writing.

We’ll see you there.

I will have to take a short break from the day-long madness to attend the Mini Moes’ high school football playoff game–they’ve made it to the big time yet again this year, and are playing at the Ralph, where the Buffalo Bills play! (And frequently lose. But that’s a whole ‘nuther story.) But that’s my only major plans for the day, and then it will be back to catching up on my word count. And making a donation. And catching up even more on my word count.

Keep your eyes peeled to that word count widget, ’cause it’s going to be moving! I hope.

I’ll admit it, though–I did get some reading done this week. Not a lot, but some. In ebook I read Ghosts of the Falls and Ghosts of Kingston Cottage–despite similar names and locations (both are set in Maine, oddly enough, one of my favorite states to visit), they were really refreshingly different. Next I started T.J. Bennett’s Dark Angel (see her Becky on Books interview here) in ebook and the actual, real-live print version of Read it and Weep by Jenn McKinlay. Up next…too much to read. Especially when I need to be WRITING.

Oh, and the final installment was up on Monday, so I also finished reading Ruthie Knox’s Truly on Wattpad. Absolutely. LOVED. Will post a review next week. Run, don’t walk to Wattpad to sign up and read it while it’s still available!

On audio, still listening to The House of Hades. Actually lost track of my iPod for a day and a half this week and thought my brain would self-combust. The end is in sight (not that I want it to end, it’s a fantastic addition to the series), and next I’ll be picking up Mary Balogh’s The Arrangement because at this rate I’ll never finish the print copy and I’m dying to find out how Vincent and Sophia finally figure out what everyone else has known all along–that those two crazy kids are perfect for one another.

Yep, broke down and got the audio. Even though I already own the print AND ebook copies. No, I don’t think I have a problem. At least, I’m fairly certain I don’t.


How has your week been? Here’s hoping I can avoid the depths of despair that week  two (and three, for that matter. Don’t even get me started on week four. Why do I do this to myself again? I forget…) of NaNo frequently bring…

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